Cases Study: Redesigning Top eCommerce in Dubai (App)

Reko Yunasril
2 min readMar 29, 2021

Noon is a lifestyle eCommerce based in Dubai. I was curious to install the app on my phone, my friend Batista Harahap joined this company, and he really sad about this UX in the product as a product design I try to find out how its look like the Experience. I try to see the screen one by one to find the problems and also compare it’s to another competitor and interview the user it was installed this app.

The challenge was identifying problems in a system that already worked well, and I believe in noon design teams knows how to fix a bad experience. and the real test doesn’t lie in making a good product

Timeline: 24 Hrs
Methode: In-Person UX research — wireframing, UI design, Prototyping.

Tools: Figma, sketch

Where did I begin

First time I was focus on some section that looks smart but makes it confusing.
The section recommended several items that wich I did not like at all. But it also too much stuff that bothers me when I try to finish my checkout. In the offering section, the main navigation is always there so the user can decide what the user has to do to finish step by step.

What is the foremost behavior of eCommerce

  1. Search Product
  2. Select Product
  3. Buy


  1. Recommended section items
  2. Check out Journey (Navigation and information hierarchy)

Design Solutions

  1. Redesign Recommended Items Section
  2. Redesign Checkout Journey (Information Hierarchy, navigation)
system acquainted with the user
Make connection between system and human
Interact the to give information to sytem
Done! 40% items fit with user

I too sleepy to continue right now at 2 PM, let finishing tomorrow



Reko Yunasril

Selalu haus sama ilmu baru, susah tidur cepet, pengen jadi seniman murni tapi ngerasa ga punya bakat disana :)